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Work for Monday 25 January P6

I would like you to have a go at writing up the Analysis and Evaluation sections of the Lunar Eclipse project.

I STRONGLY suggest that you write on one side of the paper only, and that you write on alternate lines. This will enable you to insert alterations later without having to write everything out again from scratch.

You have to do it by yourself, but you are allowed to use calculators, your notes and your textbook, so make sure you arrive with all of that stuff. I have arranged for Mr Cordwell to provide a tray containing such things as compasses, sellotape, etc. The teacher who supervises the lesson will give you a plastic folder containing your observations and a piece of cardboard for sticking the compass point into while you try out different radii. You will find that the way I've sellotaped the two pieces of cardboard together means that you can fold them one way but not the other. If you want to stick your observation sheet down at one end, I suggest you put a piece of sellotape on the back, and then apply a small amount of Pritt stick adhesive to the sellotape - so you stick the sellotape to the cardboard rather than the piece of paper. Then, when you come to remove it, you will find that the observation sheet+sellotape will come away from the cardboard, leaving your observation sheet undamaged (although now with a piece of sellotape attached to the back of it!)

One crucial thing is that you are allowed to use the internet while you are working, which means that you can use this web site, together with the various pages that you can access by clicking on the links above.

Another crucial thing is that you don't have to finish in one session. You will hand in what you have done to the supervising teacher at the end. You will then be able to return to the task at a later date, perhaps after we have had some more discussion in class about ways of extracting the maximum number of marks from the system.

So far as the links above are concerned,
Note that the first three links mentioned are stored as PDF files rather HTML. This means that you can click with the right-hand mouse button, which will allow you to download them to your computer for printing out if you wish. It's worth reading all three of them to pick up some astronomical vocabulary for use in what you write.

Remember that you must paraphrase anything you use from this site: you are allowed to get stuff off the internet, but it has to go through your brain and be regurgitated in your own words. So read and inwardly digest before you write.