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For many people, the expedition is the highlight of their DofE experience. By the time you reach the Gold level, you will plan the venture yourself and execute it in wild country over a period of four days and three nights, walking between 80 and 100 km, and carrying out some sort of project on the way. At the Bronze level, you will walk in less demanding country for a shorter period, and we will guide your planning rather more closely.

At all levels we will ensure that you have received sufficient training on the right kind of terrain to be able to undertake your journey safely and confidently. Everyone has to do at least a Final Practice (HQ regs) and appropriate Preliminary Training (our regs, since we have to declare that we think it is safe to send you on the Final Practice unsupervised - so we naturally want to satisfy ourselves on that point first). Preliminary Training normally consists of NavOne (if you haven't done an expedition with us before: you only do it once) and GoldOne (only for those intending to do Gold).

GoldOne will normally be available whenever a Gold Final Practice  or Assessed Venture is running, and will often last for a shorter time. There is much to be said for doing it while you are still working towards Silver, otherwise you can find your freedom of choice in your fourth year a little restricted.


Striding Edge 2007 - photo: Ollie Malpass

It is of  crucial importance that you understand that you will have to do a good deal of the planning yourself. It will be necessary for you to be in frequent contact with other members of your group and to respond promptly to all requests for action that I send you by e-mail. Deadlines have to be met that will seem to you to be an improbably and unnecessarily long time in advance. If you don't meet the deadlines, you could easily lose the opportunity to take part in a particular expedition.

Costs for 2010-11

These basic costs (which will be bluebilled) include borrowing items of kit that are asterisked in the kit list, and they include meals taken in the accommodation; but they do not include food carried in the rucksack for the days spent camping, or items of kit that are not asterisked. They will apply for the 2011 Expedition season, and will be reviewed again before 2012.

Route planning Advice on using Memory Map and producing Route Cards
Projects Advice on choosing Project titles and a list of ideas
Kit Advice on the kit list, and what kit to buy
Menus Advice on designing menus
First Aid Information on First Aid