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This page gives information that you ignore at your peril. I will put the most recently added items at the top. Anything more than one Half old will demoted to below the line. I'd recommend having a look at the top few items from time to time to see if anything new has appeared.


Updated 29 Oct 2010

When you have uploaded evidence, remember to navigate to the bottom of the page (probably off the screen) and to click on Request Approval.
If you think you might eventually want to consider the Achievement Pack (which costs nothing in its PDF version) then you need to ensure that you upload at least 10 usable photos for each of Physical, Volunteering and Skill, at least 14 photos from your Expedition and at least 3 general photos of yourself.
The numbers above are the numbers of spaces in the Pack, which will be left blank if you do not specify anything to fill them with. You do not get access to the Achievement Pack software until your Award has been approved, and by that stage your account is closed in terms of uploading any more Evidence. So you need to upload the photographic evidence for each section before you finish that section. The photos don't have to be of people or places: they can equally well be of documents. But they can't be DOC files, PDF files, PUB files, etc: they have to be photos (JPEG, TIFF, BMP, etc).
I should stress that you can complete your DofE without uploading any photos - indeed, all Wykehamists so far have done so. The Achievement Pack is entirely optional.

Volunteering now has to have at least 75% of practical service and no more than 25% of preparation/training, etc. It used to be the other way round.  It's vital to check with me that what you propose will count.
It is vital that I have agreed your programme, usually by the mechanism of us discussing the electronic version of your Aims Document before you get it signed by your assessors. It isn't always obvious what will count and what won't, and it's hard for you to keep up with HQ's changes of mind.
Please don't fill in your Record Book or get your assessors to write their reports until you have had a discussion with me at the completion of a section. It can send the wrong message if we submit a book full of crossings out and alterations of dates. The dates issue is complex, and I am much more likely to get it right than you are, having had more experience.
Try to get your Volunteering assessor to major on what you have done to help other people. Benefits that you have received are irrelevant, and best omitted.
Try to get your Skills assessor to mention somewhere in his/her report that you have undertaken this activity in your spare time: especially if it is an activity that, in some schools, might reasonably form part of the formal curriculum.
All Residentials have to be approved by HQ. So please discuss them with me before committing yourself to them, so that I can obtain the go-ahead.