Dale Head - end of Day One, Short Half 2008 - photo: Ed Tulloch

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This website is for the benefit of those who undertook their expeditions with AJPA - others should contact DEP. You will need to ask me for a password in order to visit the Diary page.

My times in div room B3 (Flint Court) are, in principle, between lunch and tea (or up to books hours) on Monday to Friday (not Tuesday 4.30 - 6), but it is sometimes possible to negotiate other times. I am quite often not there, so it is prudent to arrange a time with me beforehand. If you would like to have a discussion (it takes about quarter of an hour to develop an outline programme), please send me an e-mail suggesting some dates and times. You can see when I'm free by looking for white spaces in my diary:  View diary

The DofE Letterbox and Store

If you go down Romans Road by the side of Furley's and turn in to the alleyway that leads to KP and to Furley's yard, then immediately on your right is a tiny passage that leads you back (in the direction of Southgate Street) to the mens' entrance to Furley's. On the wall on your right, opposite the grey door (leading to the DofE Store), is a small black letterbox. That is the DofE Letterbox - although I haven't labelled it yet - and that is where to put forms, record books, etc. Make sure that anything you put in there has your name on it or is in an envelope with your name on it!   View sketch map  (store and letterbox in green)